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Digi WorkWell

Aims to design, develop and implement a new approach to train SME managers and entrepreneurship teachers across Europe in digital wellbeing. The end result will be to improve the managers own digital competences, while also boosting the capacity of their organisation to manage this digital working life transition and prevent fails in output from their workforce.

Good health IS good business.
Paul Drechsler CEO, Wates Group Limited

We are embedding health and well-being at the heart of our business strategy because our people are our greatest asset, and we recognize that a healthy, happy and committed workforce is vital to our business success.

- Alex Gourlay, MD, Boots UK

In 2020, International Labour Organisation estimated that 2.7 billion employees – 81% of the global workforce – were subject to full or partial lockdown measures. This move prompted an exponential rise in digital communications, operations and processes – for example the number of users on one online video conference platforms increased by a factor of 20, to 200 million worldwide, in one month.

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Project Activities

Result 01


A high profile report (document) with supporting materials such as an Executive Summary, animated video explainers, case studies and infographics that highlights the trend of digital wellbeing and raise awareness about the importance of introducing training for Managers in managing and supporting employees digital usage while working.

Result 02


An interactive online tool enabling SME managers to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses in relation to employee digital wellbeing and to determine a suitable pathway through the subsequent learning materials (R2/R3). A separate version will be designed for business advisors so they can apply the tool with a larger number of clients.

Result 03


A complete set of learning objectives, training materials and case studies providing SME Managers and business advisors to gain the knowledge, skills and self-belief required to implement an in-company programme to prevent employee digital overload.

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