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What Shall We Do to Avoid Information Overload?

We are undoubtedly curious and hungry for information as it is easy to access anytime and anywhere. Whatever idea pops up into our mind, we want details about it and we check as many sources as we can.

But knowing the risks we expose ourselves to, we should opt for strategies & solutions that will ensure a normal function of our brain.

1. Filter the information

Read and listen only to the information you consider useful for today or if it enriches your knowledge. Otherwise, ignore irrelevant information like news, gossips, talk-shows, etc.

2. Select the sources

It is always great to hear different opinions, but more does not mean better or truer. Select only the reliable sources and stick to them.

3. Set limits

Is it really necessary to read the news every morning or update your posts daily on Facebook? Set some time limit and do not spend more than 10 minutes a day checking your social media or the gossip you hear about your favorite celebrity.

4. Prioritize your activities

Some activities are more important than the others. Do not overload your schedule with plenty of activities that require your maximum attention. First, finish the most important one and if time allows, do the others.

5. Choose your conversations

Some people can leave you emotionally or mentally drained. Some may like to talk too much and give you as many details as possible while others will simply pass their problems to you. Your time and energy are limited, so spend them wisely.

6. Refuse

If some tasks are out of your league or you feel like drowning in work, do not be afraid to refuse. An extra amount of work will reduce the efficiency and quality of your cognitive performance. This, in turn, will not bring the results you expect.

7. Spend some time alone

What else can refresh your brain better than spending some time alone? Give yourself a break and put your thoughts into order by simply doing nothing, away from the noises, Internet and people.


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